Application Process

*The deadline for application is 13 September

23:59 (GMT+8)

Please fill in the form below

1. Your Team


2. Your Proposal

a. Your chosen challenge

b. Describe your initial concept solution. Feel free  to include diagrams.

c. Describe any key features of your solution and how they address the problems or needs of your target user.

d. What is unique about your proposed solution compared to existing solutions?

e. What additional expertise or information will be useful for you, during the Designathon?

Format: Your application should be in English and submitted as a PDF. 
We encourage you to keep the number of slides/pages to 10 or less. 

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3a. Are you looking to add team members?

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Evaluation Criteria

Innovativeness - 40%
Feasibility - 40%
Credentials - 20%
  • Is the concept or approach novel?  

  • How does this design compare with existing solutions (the next best alternatives)?

  • Has the team understood the challenge context well, such that the solution could be feasible to execute?

  • Is the proposal supported with an understanding of how the solution could be produced or rolled out?

  • How feasible is the proposal in its timeline to implementation?

  • Does the team have the necessary background and skills to deliver a design proposal that is well considered and detailed?